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Discover and engage a large community of skilled university students and independent professionals to get work done – Be it internships, microwork or massive projects.

Post an Internship and engage a student

Offer internships and get things done by skilled university student talent. Help them learn the ropes of your industry. Identify your future hires.

Post work and engage a Pro

Post outcome based work and get skilled professionals instantly to get your work done faster.

  • No negotiations
  • No waiting
  • No disputes
Steps to open a Gig Provider Account (GPA)
  1. Choose a suitable subscription plan for your organization needs
  2. Signup using your Mobile number
  3. Create your personal profile
  4. Create your Organization profile
  5. Make the payment and purchase the subscription plan
  6. Create your GPA account
Steps to get your Work done
  1. Define your work requirements
    Steps to define work requirements in Liberwin
  2. Check available skilled talent before posting the work
  3. Ensure funds available in wallet or transfer funds to pay reward amount
    Reward amount will be reserved until the work is completed or cancelled
  4. Post your work
    1. Review and Post the work
    2. Posted work gets published to matching talent
    3. Only matched talent can apply for work
  5. Receive shortlisted applicants
    Liberwin’s AI-based algorithm ranks and shortlists applicants for work posters to choose
  6. Select and Engage talent
    How to select and engage a talent from the shortlist in Liberwin?
  7. Provide feedback on talent and close the work
    How to provide feedback to talent and approve payments?
  8. You can cancel and withdraw reward funds anytime you wish
    Refund Rules will be applicable as per the Reward model chosen by you
Steps to define work requirements in Liberwin
  1. Describe Work as clearly as possible
  2. Specify required skills
  3. Specify required domain experience (functional or industry)
  4. Specify expected outcome / deliverables
  5. Set Work time frame
  6. Choose your Talent selection model (Auto or Manual)
  7. Provide estimated effort (approx) in hours
  8. Offer Reward amount & choose Reward Model (rules of payment)
How to select and engage a talent from the shortlist in Liberwin?
  • Check applicant Rank, Skill scores & Work worthiness index
  • Check relevant profile info available about a talent
  • Choose applicant and allocate the work
  • Once work started by talent, communicate and support during the course of work engagement
  • Review work & request rework if needed (Review may happen after 1st submission)
How to provide feedback to talent and approve payments?
  • Acknowledge work as completed by closing the work
  • Provide feedback and rating when closing the Work
  • Talent is paid when the work is confirmed by you as completed
  • You can get your invoice at the invoices section