How Liberwin Works

How to join & use Liberwin Gigwork Marketplace?

Gigwork Providers (Businesses)

  • Sign Up & Sign In
  • Subscribe Access Plans
  • Create your personal profile
  • Create your Organization Profile
  • Create your Account
  • Post opportunities
  • Allocate work to selected talent
  • Provide feedback & Close work

Gigwork Seekers (Students & Independent Professionals)

  • Sign Up & Sign In
  • Create your personal profile
  • Create your Skill Profile
  • Validate your Skills
  • Create your Account
  • Check opportunities matched for you
  • Apply for opportunities
  • Work on opportunities allocated to you
  • Complete work
  • Get feedback & payment
  • Get Skill scores & WWI updated
What are Accounts at Liberwin? How to choose the right account?

Accounts are the gateway to enter into the workspaces at Liberwin platform. There are different types of accounts as given below.

  • Gig Seeker Account (GSA)

    If you are a work seeker in the Freelance Gigwork Marketplace, then you would need a Gig Seeker Account for yourself to access the opportunities.

  • Gig Provider Account (GPA)

    If you are a work provider seeking talent in the Freelance Gigwork Marketplace, then you need a Gig Provider Account for yourself to post the opportunities and find matching talent.

  • Enterprise Account (EA)

    If you are a corporate employee and you would like to join your organization’s Internal Gigwork Marketplace, then you need an Enterprise Account for yourself either to post the opportunities or to seek the opportunities.

How Internships work at Liberwin?

Internships are short-term work opportunities for anyone who is seeking to further develop their skills after initial learning. An internship consists of an exchange of services for experience between the intern and the organization. Internships can be paid or unpaid work opportunities.

A university student would like an internship to develop a particular skill or to acquire practical industry experience in the field of their choice. An internship can also be used to build a professional network that can assist with letters of recommendation or lead to future employment and career opportunities.

An experienced industry professional would like a work opportunity to develop or apply the recently learned new skills.

At Liberwin, Internships are a great way to develop your skills, acquire Skillscores incrementally and to gradually win the paid work opportunities.

Students and Independent professionals can simply indicate their interest in Skills profile for taking internships on specific skills.

Skilled talent at home, who would like to begin or return or restart their professional career can use the internship opportunities to build their skills and find relevant new work opportunities.

Startups and enterprises can access beginners talent through internships and identify their future employees and on-demand workforce.

What are WWI and Skill Scores at Liberwin?

Skill scores are objective scores acquired over time through a variety of skills assessments, demonstrated work contributions that determine your level of competence in a particular skill.

Initially Skill scores can be obtained for skills by various skill validation options such as providing proof of proficiency or taking periodic skill assessments. For example, providing an online verifiable certificate would provide a certain Skill score for the applicable skills.

Completing a work on the platform and getting a good feedback rating will increase the score of a specific skill.

Work Worthiness Index (WWI) is an overall measure of a talent. It indicates how good a professional is based on the performance within the platform. Work provider feedback is key to building WWI. There are 6 key attributes that contribute to WWI

  1. Volume of Work contribution
  2. Skills & Competence
  3. Quality of work
  4. Timeliness
  5. Reliability factor
  6. Collaborativeness

How are Skills validated at Liberwin? Why is it important?

At Liberwin, only your validated skills are matched with the opportunities. It’s important that you use the available options to validate your skills. At Liberwin, we categorize skills broadly in 3 categories – Technical, Functional and Behavioural. Your skills can be validated in a variety of ways. We make it flexible for work seekers to validate skills through multiple practical options available within the platform. Skills can be validated through one or more applicable options available for each skill namely.
  • Certifications
  • Testimonials
  • Internships
  • Online tests
  • Online interviews
Note: We would continue to make more options available to work seekers to validate skills as we receive more feedback & recommendations from our platform users.


You can provide an online verifiable certificate received from any online learning platforms (e.g. Udemy, Coursera, etc.) for your skill and can get an applicable skill score. Every skill requires a minimum score to be validated at Liberwin. If you do not have enough skill scores to validate your skill, you may use other validation options to get additional skill scores required.


Your colleagues and clients who know you professionally can provide testimonials to you vouching for your skills. Testimonials are applicable only for functional and behavioural skills. A certain number of positive testimonials required to validate your skills by testimonials alone.


Internship is a great option to get your skills validated at Liberwin and further incrementally increase your skill score. It gives you hands-on experience with real industry work and feedback from the work provider. There is no better way to assess your skills than the real-work experience you gain through the platform. This validation option supersedes all other options available at Liberwin.

Skill assessment through Online Tests/Assessments & Online Interviews

If you choose to validate your skills through online tests or online interviews, our Skill assessment partners will conduct online tests and online interviews and provide a skill assessment report. Based on the skills assessment report, an equivalent skill score will be provided for your skills at Liberwin.