For Students

Liberwin makes it easier for you to discover internship opportunities and paid work opportunities while you are still studying at university.

You win opportunities when your skills shine. Your skills shine when they are learnt, assessed and practiced. Meet businesses that need your skills and get work opportunities matching your aspirations.

  • Get a variety of internships to develop your skills and industry exposure
  • Get a portfolio of work to ignite your Independent professional freelancing career
  • Get your Skill score and Work Worthiness Index (WWI) built to win opportunities within the platform and be recognized across industry.
Steps to become a Freelancer in Liberwin
  1. Signup
    1. It’s always free signup as Freelancer in Liberwin
  2. Create your Personal profile
    1. Liberwin verifies your identity. Please provide your Name and DOB as per the Identity proof document you will upload
    2. Unverified profiles won’t be matched for opportunities
  3. Create your Skill Profile
    1. Liberwin is a Skill-based platform. Only validated skills of a talent will be matched for opportunities
    2. Add skills to your Skill Profile that can be validated by one or more options provided
    3. Validate your Skills & build Skill score
  4. Create your Gig Seeker Account (Freelancer)
Steps to get Opportunities (Internships / Work) in Liberwin
  1. Create your Skills profile
    1. Liberwin is a Skill-based platform. Your skills matter the most. Your skills are the currency you can trade to get opportunities.
    2. Add your skills in which you are looking for opportunities to build your career
  2. Validate your skills by choosing one or more validation methods
    1. Only your validated skills are matched for opportunities in Liberwin
    2. Each skill has a minimum score requirement to become validated.
    3. You can always choose internship as an option to increase your skill score incrementally
    4. With each work you do in Liberwin, your skill score and WWI improves with the rating you get
  3. Check new opportunities matched for your skills, interests and preferences
  4. Check the Internship / Work details carefully, to apply
  5. Apply if you understand the work requirements and agree to timelines, reward model & reward amount
    1. You can Opt-out anytime. Reward model rules will apply. However, it’s not clever to opt-out as it would negatively impact your Work Worthiness Index
  6. You would be notified of the selection, once the Work poster selects the applicant and allocates the work.
    1. Liberwin’s AI-based algorithm ranks and shortlists applicants for work posters to choose
    2. Work posters make the selection once the bid ends.
    3. Higher your Skill scores and WWI, the better your chances to win opportunities.
Steps to Work on Opportunities (Internships / Work) in Liberwin
  1. You will accept and begin the work by confirming “Set-in-Progress”
    1. Communicate often with Work poster through the in-app Chat application
    2. Communicate any dependencies, issues to work poster for quick closure
  2. Submit the work and deliverables on/before Work end date
    1. Late submission after Work End date would impact your (work rating) and WWI
  3. Rework and resubmit if Workposter request(s) for rework
    1. Work poster can request for rework (once) one time only
  4. Make final submission of work
    1. Your work submission will be closed with feedback (star rating) by the Work poster. Good feedback rating increases your WWI.
  5. Receive payments in your personal wallet as soon as the work is closed by the work poster
How do Liberwin Internships work for students?

Students get a variety of internship opportunities from the industry through Liberwin. Internship opportunities may vary based on internship duration and compensation offered by companies. Internship duration may vary anywhere from 1 week to many months. It’s entirely up to companies based on their business needs or goals. 

Once companies post internships, Liberwin platform matches the internship opportunities to students based on the skill requirements defined by companies. Students with the matching skills will receive internship opportunity notification and will be able to apply. Students can apply for the right opportunity depending on their needs. Students with higher skill scores will have better chances to win the internship.

Students may take up internships

  • To develop skills primarily
  • To fulfill academic internship requirements
  • To increase skill scores and become attractive to potential employers
  • To increase skill scores and pursue paid freelance work opportunities within the platform.

Once winning an internship opportunity from a company, students will engage directly with the company for mentorship and complete the internship goals as expected by the company.

When a student completes the internship, the student gets

  • Feedback from internship providing organization
  • Rewards / Compensation, if applicable
  • Skill scores for the specific skills involved in internship
  • An internship certificate (digital download) from Liberwin
How Liberwin Internships help students to meet academic requirements?

Universities require students to take internships as part of their curriculum requirements. Internships are career development opportunities, providing practical experience in a discipline. They are structured, short-term, supervised work opportunities often focused around particular tasks or projects with defined timelines. The internship needs to be meaningful and mutually beneficial to the organization and the student-intern.

Internships provide students

  • the possible opportunities to learn, understand and sharpen the real time technical / managerial skills required at the work.
  • exposure to the current technological developments relevant to the subject area of training

Liberwin facilitates industry organizations to post a variety of internship opportunities that students can participate and benefit from. Through many of these internships, students can accumulate internship credits as per university policies.

How Skill Scores & WWI help students to win paid work?

In Liberwin, higher Skill scores and WWI increase your chances in winning the opportunities matched for you and applied by you. As you provide more evidence to your skill, you improve your skill scores. Completing internships naturally improves your relevant skill scores and your overall WWI as well. Once your skills are validated, they are matched for all matching paid work.

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