Why Liberwin?

Best-matched talent for Businesses | Best-matched work (Choice-of-work) for Talent

Identity and Skills-verified Work seekers

Verified Businesses only can post work (Valid businesses through Liberwin Subscriptions)

Curated real opportunities

No wasting time in finding talent or work (instant, work and talent discovery automated)

No negotiations, dispute or exploitation

No descrimination (gender, age, race, etc)

Payment assurance and process transparency for talent

Payment protection for businesses

Abundance of internship opportunities to develop skills and to get industry exposure

Abundance of intern / beginners talent for startups and businesses

End-to-End, On-demand Gigwork Marketplace platform

Transparency in Work scope, Price, Time, Effort estimate (hours), Deliverables, Scores

AI Ranked and shortlisted talent for quick and quality selection

Platform governance for timeline (talent selection and work lifecycle) compliance